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Simon Verheylsonne


Simon is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work delves into the exploration of iconicity within cultural and art-historical imagery, visually employing it as a semiotic device to convey his perspectives on themes such as mythical and factual, natural and the artificial, religious and ethnic motifs among others.

Infused with references to the arts, our collective past, and the artist's own memories, Verheylesonne's oeuvre can be perceived as a cohesive whole, wherein each project or individual piece interacts with and builds upon previous ones. Each series or work stands as an individuated entity that can be interpreted individually, yet their full significance often emerges within the context of the exhibition to which they belong.

The artist's body of work is characterized by a penchant for analyzing concepts surrounding cultural integration, context manipulation, freedom, historical/contemporary ideologies and our pursuit of it. Within this framework of intentions and relationships, certain meanings can only be revealed through a system that is based on—partly visually, partly intrinsically— semiotic understanding.


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