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Etienne Desmet


The essence of Etienne Desmet's work is the inner coherence between “energy” and “grace. The formal and substantive coherence conjures 'images' that tell stories of desire and lust , endearment and diffidence. They radiate an energetic dynamism of suggested movement and at the same time they enchant with a graceful power of introspective silence. Etienne Desmet's images are also about the schizoid in people and things, but also about unity, about being attracted and repelled, about embrace and detachment, about fusion of feelings and mental strength, but also about the impossibility of communication.

From these impulses, Etienne Desmet creates images that give poetic signals to permanently oppose the hysterical degradation of our life biotope. In this sense, they blanch stupidity and ugliness. Sharp, pure and timeless is the “image” of his sculptures with their magical power. They are signs of the ultimate splendor of futility!


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