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Yumiko Yoneda


Yumiko was born in Matsue, Japan in 1965, but lives and works in Den Haag (NL). After her graduation from Shimane University (fine arts department, sculpture), she was invited to attend the Jan van Eyck Academy (second stage art course, sculpture) in Maastricht, 1988-1990. Since 1990, Yumiko Yoneda has been exhibiting her work regularly at home and abroad. She creates minimalist sculptures and installations with mixed media technique, using modeling paste, plaster, polystyrene, pulp, wood, bronze, etc.

In a quiet atmosphere, Yumiko Yoneda's organic round sculptures are bathed in an intimate world of white sculptures. She works primarily with polystyrene cores coated with plaster and a modeling paste that makes the covering fabric tactile. Each stage of the making process is developed with attention to the whole and provokes caressing and stroking. She molds and forms her subtle sculptures into undulating rounded objects that are simultaneously empty and full. Her circles, ovals and spherical structures in muted colors exude concentration and sensuality, balancing between everything and nothingness, strength and tranquillity.


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