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Willem Boel


As a visual artist, Willem seeks images that reflect a meticulous working process, where each action serves as both a beginning and an end. He views actions as catalysts for his works, best when unpredictable factors like time or weather intervene. For him, the residue of an action holds more authenticity than a directed result, hence his pursuit of directed residues. He deliberately introduces obstacles in his process to detach the outcome from the action, as seen in his series "the new mills" where layers of paint create an uncontrollable relief.
His large installations straddle between functional construction and relics from an imagined past, crafted from a mix of new and found materials. His multidisciplinary oeuvre spans sculpture, painting, and works on paper, responding to the diverse world around him.
Whether exhibited in museums or public spaces, his work must adapt to different environments while maintaining its integrity, unified by a process rooted in labor and creative exploration.


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