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Lisse Declercq

° 1993

Lisse’s imagery was built up over decades and personal experiences at specific moments. She’s now intending to offer, through her paintings, a complete life span wherein references and people are aging and evolving with her.

A playground for grown-ups showing dreamy oasis, floating mesmerizing smiles and starry eyes showing a step-by-step changing conditions of her ‘homies’ and multigenerational people. Through her work, Lisse Delercq aims to communicate a message of empathy and desire, inclusive words and reconnaissance.

She developed a unique and personal technique. Meticulous work consists of mimicking make-up gestures and savoir-faire: smashing and melting pigments and matters, using the brushes and the cottons. Making it in one layer only instead superpose them and learning from beauty tutorials you can scroll and watch on the social networks videos and platforms. A strong and recognisable graphic signature that replaces writing in her non stop evolving diary: collecting objects, stuff, small elements and faces from her running life.


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