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Isidoor Goddeeris


'A happy childhood. Growing up in a house on the edge of infinity. On a railroad line that goes unused, a road that leads in both directions to unexplored territory. There the child Isidoor explores the wide world. Climbing trees, erecting ramparts, building camps, establishing borders, war and peace, falling from trees. Playing with matter: earth, wood, fire, mud, insects, sun.'

Later, his studio becomes like the land of his youth: vast, vaster, vastest. Here the grown man moves as freely as the boy, in all directions. And continues to build. Camps, boats, towers, theaters, bridges, stairs ...
He likes to play with the elements: let water flow over marble to make the stone undulate, let wood burn to find a color of darkness.

He looks for answers to riddles of nature. The delicate modeling in clay, the intricate building with wooden slats, the scratchy chiseling in stone ...


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